Pioneer Pie Co was kick-started in 2012 by a pie-loving clan with a dream to give the good ole' Kiwi pie a fresh spin.

We've handpicked only top-notch farms across New Zealand as our allies in this flavour revolution, ensuring every Pioneer Pie is whipped up using nothing but the freshest, ethically-sourced ingredients.

Think of it as the Kiwi pie classics you adore, alongside new flavours turned up a notch for cracking eating any time of the day or night.




  • Only the best ingredients

    We are lucky enough to work with some of the best farms in the country.

  • Hand-crafted

    Every pie is lovingly handcrafted and packed to the brim with fresh ingredients.

  • Delicious & Versatile

    Pies make a great snack or meal at any time of the day.

Our Philosophy

If there's one thing we have come to realise over the years, it's that when you truly love what you do, it doesn't feel like work. Every morning, as I roll out of bed, it's not the grind of the day that awaits me, but the buzz of another day doing what we at Pioneer Pie Co. adore.

Our People

We reckon a big part of that buzz comes from the crew we've got here. Our team, they're bloody brilliant – a mix of old hands who've been with us since the start and keen young ones who bring fresh ideas to the table. We're not just workmates; we're whānau, bound together by our shared passion for pie perfection.

Our History

In the heart of Old Albany Village, back in 2012, Pioneer Pie Co. was born out of Ty and Carla's shared passion to reinvigorate and redefine one of the nation's beloved dishes — the humble pie. They embarked on a culinary quest, not just to create a pie, but to craft something that encapsulates the spirit of Kiwiana, while simultaneously raising the bar for what a pie could be in the 21st century. Through countless iterations, taste-tests, and revisions, they eventually hit upon a formula that captured their vision: a pie that marries tradition with modern sensibilities, all while emphasizing ethical food choices and sustainability.